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Who am I ?
As a nurse and owner / manager of a home care organization, I worked for 30 years in the direct care for people as well advised and supervised and trained all involved employees at all levels within the organization. Because of the diverse needs and problems of people at all ages and different types of care to which they are subject, I gained al lot of experience. In addition, I have developed a good understanding and overview of changes taking place in the people and their lives, as well as processes of change taking place within a company.
Because I developed my own home care organization that grew regionally into 80 employees, I acquired insights and overview in the basics of a company and the changes and changes processes that take place within a company. 
As being an employee I have continuosly worked in changing organizations and as an employer I have continuosly worked in changing organizations. For more than 30 years I have coached people at various levels in difficult processes. I have undergone many changings in my life. That is why with al these experiences I can offer the perfect basics for people who need help, support and advice in their situation as well as for people who are in changing processes.
Communication and advise
As a person I am open and unprejudiced. My goal is to put the customer first. I work from your question and your need. I open up myself in contact with people. I can analyze. In communicate with people, I look at what they mean and what they need. Keywords for this page are: Entrepreneur, pioneer from the heart and soul, socially open, listening, intuitive, networker, self-opinionated, innovative and laterally thinker.
In my work communication is crucial. 
My clients have a story - just like me ... I've learned one thing in working with people, listening. As a person I am open and unprejudiced. Therefore I make easy contact and people like to talk to me.
My clients are making theirselves vulnerable. Of course I am aware of that. 
And not only that, I would like to do something with it. I notice that people are going to tell spontaneously. In rest, they often come to special insights and I would advice them, if desired.
My goal
To begin, I want everyone to feel comfortable. You feel at ease and you are given all the room to be yourself. After a consultation you step out the door with a relaxed and uncluttered feeling: you have the feeling you can pick things up again, to get on with your power and energy. You realize that you've met someone who you can trust, who is honest and reliable and able to listen. A driven, excellent person who dares to show a lot from herself. A person who relies on her feelings and (thus) achieves a lot.
During changes, people can also get physical complaints. If possible I apply deep tissue massage. More information can be found on my website
My target groups are:
People who are in changings, as well in the work situation as private circumstances
People with long-term physical complaints, physical complaints which are not clear
People who want to prevent a burn-out or people which have burn-out complaints
The next online masterclasses are offered both individually as in groups:
  1. Changes in your life, take the best out of it for yourself. Tuesday 14th of April at 20.00 oclock to join a webinar via VitaMasters.(possibility to join individual sessions as well groupsessions with your colleagues or your friends).
  2. Meaningful life (1 groupsession of 60 minutes with subsequent 2 individual sessions of 60 minutes or 3 individual sessions of 60 minutes).
  3. Working consciously (1 groupsession of 60 minutes and 2 individual sessions of 60 minutes or 3 individual sessions of 60 minutes).
  4. Loss of......(1 groupsession of 60 minutes with subsequent 5 individual sessions of 45 minutes or 6 individual sessions of which 1 session is 60 minutes and 5 sessions of 45 minutes).
Comments below are published with permission of that person.
"I am in a very difficult situation because I sold my company and my partner passed away. During the meeting with José, José is giving me a totally different view of my situation. I am feeling myself much better and I am feeling myself energetic again. It has been a long time that I felt so good. I am so happy about that. José is telling me things that no one has ever said to me in my life. No one has ever given me insights in my situation in the way that José does ". S. H. Belgium.
"José has a special way of lateral thinking in which José gives me a different view in situations. José offers ideas and solutions in situations that I totally do not think of despite my many years being a member of boards" K. D. The Netherlands,
"During my job as being an interim manager, José gave me qualified and pleasant advice, which gave me a different view of situations. That is why I also have been looking in a different way to the employees". L. M. The Netherlands.
"Dear José, being so bussy as an international advisor ( for example being an advisor for mayors of the biggest cities in the world ) I needed time and attention for myself. Thank you very much for helping me by "being my mirror". I did find the way to myself and my personal life again". M.E. Asia.
"As being an entrepreneur of a successful and growing company, I am happy with José. I have a very busy job and when I have a meeting planned with José, I have a tendency to cancel the appointment. But I experience the inner rest that Jose brings from herself as a person. As José proposes to end the conversation after half an hour because of my bussy day, I choose to continue the conversation because I literally come all the way to myself, and that's what I need at that moment. ". D.D. The Netherlands.
"Dear José, it was a real pleasure discovering you during my stay in Tilburg. It is the first time but definitely not the last time. I had a very big impression about the Dutch people in general, but meeting you has made me put the Dutch on a pedestal. With my nerve problem I did not have a enough fun during my stay, but discovering with all the attention you gave me, have brought me enough of light. I will come back to you very soon. " Wolde Mikael Miquele, Director General Piccini. Cameroun and Rep. Guinea Ecuatorial Africa.
"José is a warm, pleasant person. You experience that as soon as she opens the door. She's a great professional and great company." Jasper Mikkers, ( Tymen Trolsky )  writer / poet and city poet Tilburg, The Netherlands.
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